Schilling 2012

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Prince Rama (US)

Prince Rama is a two-piece psychedelic rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. Their music has been described as an epic shrine of swirling synths, pulsing guitars, and thunder drums where ethereal chorus of voices and anthemic melodies create a reverb-washed mine of sonic artefacts drawing from southeast Asian rituals, kraut-rock legacies, chopped and screwed homages, hallucinatory operas, and dance hall psychedelia.

Sean Nicholas Savage (CA)

Sean Nicholas Savage is driven by the magic of the voice. Originally hailing from Edmonton, Canada but now a fixture of the Montreal music scene, Savage uses his instrument to articulate the intricate emotions of everyday life and romance with a maturity uncommon to most singer-songwriters.

Hayvanlar Alemi (TR)

Hailing from the Turkish capital of Ankara, Hayvanlar Alemi is a four-piece mixing folk, psychedelic rock, surf and exotic sounds into instrumental grandeur.

Fenster (US/DE)

Fenster are JJ from NYC and Jonathan from Berlin who play dreamy pop music, but don’t like when they are called dream-pop.

The Retuses (RU)

The Retuses was formed in July 2007 by Mihhail Rodionov and his friend, the residents of neighbouring Moscow dachas.

Ans. Andur (EE)

Ans. Andur is a indie-rock four-piece hailing from a small town called Paide at the geographical centre of Estonia. They've made music together for ten years and released six albums. Ans. Andur's music has always been very diverse and in a state of constant evolution, from quirky alternative pop to dreamy indie-rock and twee-pop.

Marten Kuningas (EE)

Marten Kuningas has been a man with many faces and bands. During past years he has sung and composed music in indie-rock band Leegitsev Sidrun, cosmic synth-band Kosmofon and old school hip-hop duo Doktor Normal.

Väljasõit rohelisse (EE)

Väljasõit rohelisse is an amateur adventure: a quintet with a smoke machine as sixth member; one chord psychedelia with swamp blues, surf and Krautrock tinges and Estonian echoes.

Candy Empire (EE)

Candy Empire is a brand-new band founded late 2011 by restless multi-instrumentalist Ervin Trofimov of acclaimed experimental rock-band Opium Flirt.

Argo Vals (EE)

Argo Vals is a guitarist and songwriter from little township of Ahja in Põlva County who loves recording music at home, something he has done since 2006. In spring 2011 his two first singles "Hallitussilmad" ("Mouldy Eyes") and "Oktoober" ("October") were released on a small Estonian label Eesti Pops.

Mirabilia (EE)

Mirabilia, started in 2004 as a studio project of Holger Loodus, leader of former well-known Estonian indie band Dallas, sounds on their first album, "Log in Eye" (2007) like idealistic lo-fi pop – sincere and somewhat introverted.

Jaan Pehk (EE)

Jaan Pehk is a classically trained singer, poet, sought-after lyricist and part-time actor. He is also known as Orelipoiss, a hugely respected bedroom-act with unconditional love for technology.