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Merchandise (US)

Merchandise, a quintet from Tampa, Florida, is a band fighting against the easy categorization. Their sound has been described as equal parts punk misanthropy, maudlin balladeering, fine art, low humor, classical study, psychedelic spacecasing, mad science and pop genius. Formed as a trio in 2008, the band has undergone ceaseless revision and reinvention. After putting out numerous records and tapes on independent (hardcore-)punk labels and touring the underground, the band truly hit its stride with the release of their second LP “Children of Desire” in April 2012. In addition to a very warm reception from fans, the record received praise from the likes of Pitchfork, NME, Spin, and numerous other critics and journals. 2013 saw the band releasing a 12″ “Totale Nite” on Iowa City’s excellent Night People label and touring extensively throughout America and Europe. Now signed to legendary UK label 4AD, the band is currently working on their debut for new label, due later this year. 




Jeremy Jay (US)

Jeremy Jay plays dreamy, stream-of-consciousness indie-pop inspired by synth pop, '50s innocence, and above all, movies. Jeremy was born in Chula Vista, California, but moved to Portland, Oregon at 18. In Portland he met Calvin Johnson - Beat Happening singer and founder of legendary indie-label K Records (Atlas Sound, Kimya Dawson, The Microphones, Karl Blau etc), the label which later signed him and has by now released five of his albums. Jeremy's music has been described as a mix between Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Morrissey and Alan Vega, and compared to likes of Belle and Sebastian. Jeremy himself once said that he sounds like Pavement meets “Evol”-era Sonic Youth played by Siouxsie Sioux. His records have been applauded by music media (i.a. Pitchfork) and enjoyed by audiences at many clubs and festivals (i.a. Primavera Sound in Barcelona) both in US and Europe. Jeremy currently lives in London, England. At Schilling he will present his latest album - 2013's “Abandoned Apartments”, which has been appraised as his return to pop fold.

Dreamland (St. Ives, 2007)
A Place Where We Could Go (K, 2008)
Slow Dance (K, 2009)
Splash (Differ-Ant, K, 2010)
Dream Diary ‎(K, 2011)
Abandoned Apartments (Grand Palais, 2013)




Kite (SE)

Kite are a Swedish synth-pop group composed of Christian Berg (The April Tears) and Nicklas Stenemo (Melody Club). One of Sweden’s most loved indie/electronic bands was founded in Malmö 2007, but now based in Stockholm. They are signed to Gothenburg label Progress Productions and have published five EP's since their debut in 2008. Their earlier sound has been compared to classic 1980s synthpop acts like Erasure or Yazoo, and later material to a mix of acts like OMD and modern, experimental sounds. Their 2010's single "Jonny Boy" reached position 49 in the Swedish charts. Kite has toured all over Sweden, but also performed in Russia, Finland, Denmark, Norway and China.




Extraperlo (ES)

Extraperlo is an indie-pop band from Barcelona, started around mid 00s by Alba Blasi, Aleix Clavera, Borja Rosal and Cacho Salvador. The group play vivid pop songs with warm textures, clever arrangements, spacious rhythms and memorable melodies. Influenced by bands like Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Prefab Sprout and Roxy Music, Extraperlo released their debut album ‘Desayuno Continental’ in 2008 under local indie-label Mushroom Pillow, and returned in 2012 with sophomore album „Delírio Específico“, released by spanish label Canada. The latter album was produced by one of the most well-known Spanish indie-musicians El Guincho whom the band met when Aleix and Borja played in his touring band during 2010-2012. „Delirio Específico“ (roughly translated as a precise or a peculiar delirium, referring to a state of being in love) was warmly received by music and general press and has resonated internationally in the blogosphere, especially in Mexico, Chile, Belgium and Australia. Considered by national press „the future of span­ish homegrown music“, Extraperlo has played at prominent local festivals (i.a. Primavera Sound) as well as festivals and clubs in Mexico and UK. 




Streak And The Raven (FI)

A six-member electric pop group Streak and the Raven hails from northern city of Seinäjoki, Finland. The band’s debut album Love & War, released in 2013, was described as desperate night-time AOR and an album that makes a nighttime journey in the spirit of past war and lost love. SATR manages to create an intense atmosphere with minimalistic synth-driven sounds, drawing comparisons to early-80s synth bands. With their single releases, music videos and summer festivals, it gained the attention of those, who enjoy the more alternative and analog side of the electric pop. The release of the album also saw the band stretching its homeland borders for the first time. At Schilling, there’ll be a good chance to catch fresh energy of a band in early stages of their promising career, and their new songs played live.




Leslie Da Bass (EE)

Local multitalent, i.a. columnist, bike-enthusiast and advertising guru Leslie Laasner has written and put out music as Leslie Da Bass since 2003. Since 2004 he has released four albums of electronic pop and eclectic dance music both in Estonian and English. Recorded with the help of his new four piece band, the latest album by Leslie Da Bass named "Times New Roman" was released in 2013 by Universal Music. The album won him two prizes at Estonian Music Awards – „best electronical album“ and „best male act“. Laasner has also started and been a part of several local cult bands, incl industrial metal-band Pedigree, indie-pop legends Borax, club project Holmes and current pop-sensation HU?.




Id Rev (EE)

Id Rev is one of the best Estonian-singing indie-bands and true local underground-legends. Founded back in 1995 as Idiootsuse Revolutsioon (Revolution of Idiocy), then a romantic punk-band, their style has gone through quite a few changes from indie-rock to post-rock with electronic elements and influences one can’t easily put names to. After eight years recording hiatus the group released their third proper album “Kuhu kadus joie de vivre” (“Where has joy of life gone?”) in 2009 - a second album under Id Rev moniker after now sold-out “Sina Ei” (“Not you”) released back in 2001. In their current form, Id Rev mixes best parts of guitar-pop, electronic sounds and Mogwai-like post-rock with unique vocal style of their singer/songwriter Neeme Lopp. During their lengthy career the band has toured Scandinavia, Germany and Baltic states. Id Rev is currently working on their fourth album, hopefully due later this year. At Schilling one can expect mostly new songs from their upcoming album.




Jan Helsing (EE)

Jan Helsing is brand new Estonian indie-pop band who refuses to call themselves a band and rather prefers to be called “an open collective” based on synergy of various musical impulses. For example they don’t have a steady vocalist and are just using the singers who happen to like what Jan Helsing is doing. In their music well written melodies are meeting with bright indie-guitars and occasionally shoegazy sense of beauty. Most members of Jan Helsing have previously played in well-known Estonian indie-bands and projects of the 90s, 00s and 10s, i.a. Pia Fraus, Dallas, Dreamphish, Wolfredt, Picnic, Morningrise etc. At Schilling the collective will present their debut album “Kajalood” to be released by acclaimed Estonian record label Seksound (home of Pia Fraus, Imandra Lake etc).




Argo Vals Band (EE)

Argo Vals Band, active since 2011, fuses together elements of progressive rock, jazz, indie-rock, minimal techno and ambient music. Vals has been busy producing his own work since 2006 – both as oneman-band and in various local collectives. He has also composed music for diverse range of artists and numerous movies, TV shows and dance performances. In 2012 he was chosen to compose and perform a live electronic soundtrack for the formal “handshaking” reception at the Anniversary of the Estonian Republic. His critically acclaimed debut album "Tsihcier" was released in 2012 by the Estonian label Eesti Pops; it was also nominated in the category "Best alternative album" at Estonian Music Awards 2013.




Galvanic Elephants (EE)

Galvanic Elephants is a five-piece from Tartu who have used their special formula of mixing alternative rock, pop and electronic sounds since 2010. In spring 2014 they released their long-awaited debut album “Mosaic” which showed the band moving from danceable electro-pop towards more experimental and detailed soundscapes. New version of Galvanic Elephants has already proved to be both effective and captivating at gig-situations. Group has warmed-up Canadian band Junior Boys as well as Iceland electro pop group FM Belfast and played at popular Positivus festival in Latvia.



Holy Motors (EE)

Formerly also called as Heavenly Motors, the four piece from Tallinn is active since April 2013 and have since then kept their profile rather low and obscure. One can also conclude it from their one-liner promo-text - „If you own a ’64 Chevrolet Impala, dark as the night you drive in, then by law in continual motion we belong”. The few who have witnessed the band live have described their delightful experience with comparisons to the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; as some of low quality Youtube-clips of their gigs remind the moods of Aki Kaurismäki movies and their soundtracks. During their short existence Holy Motors have already played as warm-up to a well-known US indie-rock group Sic Alps at their gig in Tallinn and have also performed at Tallinn Music Week showcase in 2013.




Genka (EE)

Henry Kõrvits who is better known by his stage name Genka is an Estonian rapper and record producer. After starting rapping back in 1996 he has since then been involved in many well-known Estonian hip-hop acts like Toe Tag and A-Rühm and has contributed to many acts and side-project with 5Loops, Põhjamaade Hirm etc In 2013 he issued a popular free digital EP "Oleg Kosjugini lugu" (“Story of Oleg Kosjugin”) portraying vividly the grotesque world of drug-mules, dealers and the likes. He is also one of the hosts in Radio 2 morning program; as promoter has brought to Estonia acts like DJ Muggs, Delinquent Habits, Psycho Realm, B-Real, Onyx etc He is also a head of Estonian HipHop Festival and Legendaarne Records, the biggest Estonian hip-hop label. At Schilling he will perform as a classical hip-hop act – one MC and one DJ - at a skate ramp stage to be built especially for him. 





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