Mumrunner (FI)

Mumrunner is a foursome hailing from the city of Tampere, Finland. The group deal with aesthetics from contrasting aspects of sound – sometimes abrasive alternative rock melds with otherworldly dream pop soundscapes. The band love to play loud but never forsake an interest in subtler dynamics which makes Mumrunner’s ambitions unique and special. In their songs one can hear melodic lead lines and seductive verses, but take off always comes via quiet explosions and soaring choruses. Forged from bands such as Getawaycab and Revival Hymns, Mumrunner impressed with their debut single Zit/Rut (2014) which caught interest and the imaginations of zines and blogs home and abroad. In may 2015 they released their debut EP “Full Blossom” under Helsinki’s Soliti Records.