Polly (RU)

Polly is an one-man electronic music project from Yekaterinburg, at Ural mountains, Russia performing instrumental electronic music influenced by ambient, hip-hop. The founder of the project, is a young composer and a sound producer Aleksei Polyanin. Polyanin has a reach musical experience: from playing in an instrumental post-rock band to being a session musician for legendary Russian band Mumiy Troll. Polly was hatched little more than a year ago and has already given more than 100 performances in 11 countries. His debut album «U Can More” was released by the label IceCreamDisco in 2013 and is also available for downloading and listening on Soundcloud. In 2015 Polly launched a European tour which, in addition to Schilling, includes Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia and Russia. At these gigs Polly is going to perform a new set of music consisting of the tracks from his new album to be released this year. Schilling concert is going to be the last concert of Polly – in the future, Aleksei will continue recording music under the alias Fjordwalker.





U Can More