Siinai (FI)

Finnish four-piece Siinai grew out of jam sessions of four friends who all share a long background in Finnish experimental-rock community – Risto Joensuu (guitar & bass), Matti Ahopelto (bass & synths), Saku Kämäräinen (synths & piano) and Markus Joensuu (drums) all come from the small towns of Northern Finland. After playing in many different bands, they met in Helsinki, discovered their mutual taste for motoric beats, drones and instrumental music. As they describe Siinai themselves: ”We are not great musicians, probably not even average. What we do is simple and repetitive – simple music“. The instrumental quartet released their Nordic Music Prize nominated debut „Olympic Games“, released by Norwegian label Splendour to international acclaim in 2011. With its huge, simple but cloud-swallowing hooks and pulsing motorik beats it established Siinai as one the most exciting new bands in Finland. It also gained rave reviews around the globe. The quartet then joined forces with Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade) and his Moonface moniker to create the dark and moving collaboration album „Heartbreaking Bravery“ (Jagjaguwar, 2012), and proceeded to tirelessly touring the album throughout Europe and North America. ” Siinai made a triumphant return last summer with psychedelia infused concept album „Supermarket“ out in June 2014 via Splendour. Their latest LP was inspired by one of the most widely known every-day experiences around the world: supermarkets – „looking at the supermarket-experience from a different perspective, finding something where, at least we, hadn’t found it before – that excited us. We wanted to create our kind of soundtrack for the supermarket nations.”