Chungin Han Minjujui & St Cheatersburg (EE)

St Cheatersburg is a punk band lead by charismatic frontman Chungin. Started in Tallinn in 2013 their music now incorporates, alongside with classic punk, elements of post punk and psychedelic rock. In other words, St Cheatersburg’s ideology emerges from the nihilism of the late 70’s, the darkness from the early 80’s and the psychedelic revival of the 90’s. They use self-consciously previous heritage to express their artistic ambitions. Nevertheless, their sound image and stage behavior maintains such naivety as if they would have just invented rock n’roll. At Schilling the Chungin & the band will play two sets on C-stage, built especially for them.



Chungin Han Minjujui – Aivar

St Cheatersburg – Kõik On Su Peas