Black Lizard (FI)

Helsinki-based psych-rock outfit Black Lizard started with an EP in 2012 and released their debut full length album in 2013. Their much loved debut was recorded in Berlin with The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe and further shaped by the mastering of former Spacemen 3 visionary Sonic Boom. Their second full-length “Solarize” was released in spring 2015, followed by touring all over Europe. “Solarize” sees the band expanding not only their sound (adding horns, synths and other textures to the mix), but also moving out of strict genre borders just leaving us with a simple concept: Black Lizard music, informed as much by 1990’s textures as any adherence to the garage sound of decades past, with its quiet/loud dynamic enhanced by airy vocals, chorused guitars, droning fuzz and machine gun drum fills.