Öökülm (EE)

Öökülm (Estonian for “night frost”) is an experimental and playful hip-hop duo from a city of Rakvere, providing a fresh alternative for simplified copying of aggressive gangsta-rap. Their Estonian word-flow may contain social messages, or be just entertainment, or both, but without a doubt Öökülm is a good example of an open minded approach to music, lyrics and hip-hop in general. For the duo finding new and intriguing solutions is more important than following the standards. Rhymes of MC Lord and samples provided by Melkker should appeal to everyone who appreciate combination of catchy music and nicely twisted lyrics. Öökülm’s both albums “Välk selgest taevast” (“Lightning from a clear sky”, 2007) and “Head uudised” (“Good News”, 2010) are released by legendary local label Lejal Genes and have been nominated to Estonian Music Awards. Their hits “Viskit” (“Have some whiskey”) and “Seagripp 95” (“Swine Flu 95”) (feat. Lotte) have gained a lot of radio airplay and many views in Youtube.



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